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Software for instrument control and data acquisition

Baltic Scientific Instruments Si(Li) Detector

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spec release 6.02.9 supports the Baltic Scientific Instruments Si(Li) Detector type SER-25 based on the SP350 controller board. The device is configured as an MCA-type instrument and uses a serial interface. See the bsi_sp350 help file for details.

Support for seven circle geometry: sevc

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Preliminary support for a new seven-circle diffractometer geometry is included with release 6.02.8. You can now include this geometry when installing spec

Preliminary support for HDF5 file saving

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spec release 6.02.7 features new functions to save data using the HDF5 standard. See the new hdf5 help file for details.

Experiments need to be configurable and flexible. Speed and ease are even more important with the limited beam time at a synchrotron. spec's quick and simple configuration and powerful (but easy to use) macro language create an ideal environment to set up new experiments as well as to manage routine measurements.

Unlike most home-grown or public-domain software, spec is well-documented and backed by committed support.


  • spec
  • spec is internationally recognized as the leading software for instrument control and data acquisition in X-ray diffraction experiments. It is used at more than 200 synchrotrons, industrial laboratories, universities and research facilities around the globe.

    Since 1987, CSS has worked extensively with hundreds of clients to develop features and functionality tailored to their needs. Currently, spec provides flexible, powerful and reliable instrument control at more than 575 X-ray and neutron diffractometers worldwide. Our broad user base has given CSS a unique understanding of the challenges our customers face, the hardware they use, and the software they need.

    spec is successful for a diverse community because it has the ideal balance of built-in functionality and customizable features. spec offers researchers an adaptable tool equally adept when developing new procedures, changing strategy in response to unexpected results, or automating well understood tasks.

  • C-PLOT

  • Included with spec is the C-PLOT Scientific Graphics and Data Analysis package. Used together, spec and C-PLOT can take you from instrument control and data acquisition, through data analysis, to preparation of figures for publication. C-PLOT is also available separately.

Release information

    spec : 6.05.04 as of April 5, 2017 [ info ]
    c-plot : 5.0 as of April 22, 2013 [ info ]