Scientific Graphics and Data Analysis

C-PLOT Scientific Graphics and Data Analysis package enables users to produce publication-quality 2-D and 3-D graphs and perform sophisticated fitting and modeling.


  • Immediate plotting of realtime data
  • Facilities for seamless integration of the user's own data collection and analysis routines. Once a plot or procedure is developed interactively, C-PLOT can be run and plots reproduced using easy-to-program command files.
  • Most popular output devices, including X Windows, PostScript, and SunView (all in color) are supported.
  • Supplied analysis tools include fast Fourier transforms, splines, histograms, and contouring.
  • Specialized functions can be written by the user using prototypes that C-PLOT automatically creates and compiles.
  • Data can be read in from the keyboard, files (ASCII or binary), or user functions.
  • C-PLOT allows the user to plot an unlimited number of points.
  • Overlays of additional plots, text, or formulas can be placed anywhere on the page and scaled to any size.

Online Documentation

If you are already a C-PLOT user you can access the following documentation online:

For licensed users