Scientific Graphics and Data Analysis

1.1.8. - Commands

All C-PLOT commands, listed on the next two pages, are one- or two-letter mnemonics. Commands and parameters are shown in courier type. Italic parameters are to be replaced with the appropriate characters for the desired instruction. Optional parameters appear in square brackets following the mnemonics. When several parameters are shown separated by vertical lines, you use only one of them with the command. For commands that simply indicate options, consult the detailed command description for an explanation of the syntax.

 Command   Description   Page 
 2d   Select 2D mode   5.2 
 3d   Select 3D mode   5.3 
 bo [x|. y|. z|.]   Set 3D box ratios   5.14 
 cd [direc  Change directory   2.4 
 ch [p|z|0]   Change target of drawing cmds   10.6 
 cs [options  Set character sizes   6.2 
 do [cmdfile|.]   Take commands from a file   10.2 
 eb [x|y|z] [0|1] [?]   Select error-bar mode   3.4 
 em   End making a command file   10.4 
 er   Erase the video screen   4.7 
 ex   Exit program   2.2 
 fn [options  Run user function #1   11.2 
 f# [options  Run user function 1 to 8   11.2 
 ft [#  Select font   6.3 
 gd [options  Get data   3.2 
 gk   Enter symbols and text for key   6.5 
 gr [term] [char_set  Select PseudoGraphics terminal   4.8 
 h [command  Get on-line help   2.3 
 in [m] [dev] [baud  Open and initialize pen plotter   8.2 
 lc [0|1]   Select line-control mode   5.4 
 lo [llx lly urx ury  Locate plot   5.13 
 mk cmdfile   Make a command file   10.3 
 np [x][y][z]   Reset axes for new points   5.6 
 p   Draw complete plot on the plotter   7.2 
 p#   Select pen (# is an integer)   8.4 
 pa   Draw axes on the plotter   7.3 
 pb   Draw error bars on the plotter   7.5 
 pd   Draw date in corner of plot   7.10 
 pk [options  Draw key on the plotter   7.9 
 pl   Draw labels on the plotter   7.6 
 pn [options  Draw annotation text on the plotter   7.8 
 pp   Draw points on the plotter   7.4 
 pt   Draw title on the plotter   7.7 
 pv [velocity  Select pen velocity   8.5 
 pw   Don't move pen off page   8.6 
 px   Move pen off page   8.7 
 pz   Draw complete plot on the plotter   7.2 
 ra [x][y][z] [ranges  Select axis range   5.5 
 re   Reset program for new plot   5.7 
 ro [x][y][z]   select options for axis range   5.5 
 rp   Release pen plotter   8.3 
 sa[[-b] [file [a|w]]   Save current data   3.3 

 Command   Description   Page 
 sc [h v  Select filter scaling factors   9.4 
 se [options  Set parameters   6.7 
 sf [filename  Save current format   10.5 
 st [code  Select plot style   5.10 
 sw [angle  Swivel plot   5.11 
 sy [char  Select plotting symbol   6.4 
 tu [0|1]   Turn plot   5.8 
 tw   Tweak plot orientation   5.16 
 tx [options  Enter text for plot labels and title   6.6 
 ty [options  Select type of plot   5.9 
 u [cmd  Create a UNIX subshell   2.5 
 v   Draw PseudoGraphics plot   4.2 
 va   Draw PseudoGraphics axes   4.3 
 vb [0|1]   PseudoGraphics axes inclusion   4.5 
 vi [x|. y|. z|.] [dist  Set 3D view point   5.15 
 vp   Draw PseudoGraphics points   4.4 
 vt [0|1]   PseudoGraphics auto. drawing   4.6 
 w   Wait for user to enter <return>   10.7 
 wi [options  Select size, place of plot window   5.12 
 yg [0|#  Select gap between y-axis, label   6.8 
 z   Draw complete plot on filter   7.2 
 z#   Select filter line style   9.5 
 za   Draw axes on filter plot   7.3 
 zb   Draw error bars on filter plot   7.5 
 zd   Draw date in corner of filter plot   7.10 
 ze   Erase old plot   9.6 
 zE   Erase current window   9.7 
 zf   Select filter   9.3 
 zf#   Select filter 1 to 8   9.3 
 zi [filter] [options  Initialize graphics filter   9.2 
 zk [h v  Draw key on filter plot   7.9 
 zl   Draw labels on filter plot   7.6 
 zn [h v] [file  Draw annotation text on filter plot   7.8 
 zp   Draw points on filter plot   7.4 
 zq   Don't write text to screen   9.8 
 zs   Close filter, synchronous   9.11 
 zt   Draw title on filter plot   7.7 
 zw   Don't close filter yet   9.9 
 zx   Close filter   9.10 
 zz   Draw complete plot on filter   7.2