Scientific Graphics and Data Analysis

D. - Demo Files

The C-PLOT distribution includes several standard demonstration files showing the program's capabilities. This section includes samples of the graphics they produce, along with the contents of the command files used to make the graphics. Users may find it helpful to review these files as an aid to understanding the operation of C-PLOT's command file facility.

The sample plots here were made using C-PLOT's PostScript filter.

Each of these command files uses graphics filter z commands to draw the plots. You can produce the graphics on your own display device or printer by initializing the appropriate graphics filter using the zi command. To display output on a pen plotter, first issue the in command to initialize the plotter, then type ch p, which instructs C-PLOT to translate the z commands to pen-plotter p commands.

Each command file begins with zeq9999w followed by a blank line. If you haven't already initialized a filter with the zi command, the blank line will cause the default filter to be used. The e erases the current plot. The q sets quiet mode. (Quiet mode is necessary with certain display devices, such as a video terminal on a serial interface, to prevent the plot program's text stream from mingling with the filter program's graphics stream. When plots are directed to the pen plotter, quiet mode has no effect.) The 9999 resets the colors in the graphics filter. The w causes the filter to wait for more plotting instructions before restoring text mode or printing the page.

Each command file also issues a reset command, re, at the beginning to put the plot program into a standard state. An additional command file, doall, will run all the demos consecutively.